Nepal Government Ministry of Forests and Environment Department of Forest and Soil Conservation Community Forest Study Center


The study center will support and facilitate the following activities in view of the areas specified by the laws, policies, strategies and plans related to the forest sector of the Government of Nepal.


• Study research and capacity building

• Fund management

• Evaluation and reward management

• Laboratory establishment and operation

• Library installation

• Adoption of forest management practices

• Conducting conferences, seminars and training programs

• Intellectual rights

• Conducting enterprise development, advocacy, and consulting services

• Publicity and publication

• Developing professional action plans

• Verification and regulation

• Environmental Services Operations


It has been more than three decades since the concept of community forest has been embodied in Nepal. So far, 35 percent of the total population of the country has joined the community forest user group. Today, Nagampakha and Vanjar lands of the country have been transformed into greenery due to the effective implementation of community forest action plans. Today, community forest has become a dynamic and reliable means to introduce Nepal to the world public opinion. It has become a matter of pride for Nepalis only to know Nepal as a country of community forests before the world public opinion. In addition to this, community forests have become a dynamic means of livelihood for people living in rural communities in Nepal. On the other hand, the issue of sustainable management of community forests and empowerment of consumer groups is seen as an urgent need. Likewise, the issue of implementing community forest programs in an effective and transparent manner. This is the important question of today. In view of this context, the decision of the Ministerial level of the Government of Nepal dated 2.18.2073 brought the concept of Community Forest Study Center. In the same way, using the authority given by Section 3 of the Development Committee Act 2013, the study center formation order 2074 was also approved and it appears that Community Forest Study Center Nepal has been formed by following the organization structure of federal offices under the Department of Forestry and Land Conservation. A total of 16 employees under the leadership of a deputy secretary for the study center have been approved and a separate budget has been allocated for the operation of the office.



Community Forestry: A Foundation for Empowerment and Prosperity



To develop and implement appropriate management procedures to meet the needs and desires of consumers through effective management and promotion of community forests and provide assistance in the performance of results by conducting practical research.